170: f20 media_artwork

inkscaper: OLD version new here ->

156: LEgs Mosquito

memoargueta: Reminds me of my ex girl friend legs xD!
memoargueta: i mean my legs *cough cough*

159: Wings

memoargueta: LOL! even her wings are hairy :P

19: floating island jules propeller ship verne

nightmoves: just darkened it a bit more in the contrast and brightness and i think the result is much better! let me know:D
memoargueta: So surreal! what a beautiful imaginative thought

67: castle floating,

twohot: Testing the Caste on a night sky, nothing serious yet. Getting Bland shadows from blender (might have to try external renderers). Going to try the terrain (base)
memoargueta: it reminds me of a sound ... meow meow meowwwww meow meowww castles in the sky...

123: amoeba floating-udders

memoargueta: SICK! very nice one

137: fedora-kid

memoargueta: LOL! the belly btn!

141: Magazine Mockup fedora

duffy: What do you think?

121: amoeba floating-udders

twohot: first render attempt

117: aqueduct

graphite6: This is an intermediate draft of the aqueduct logo That would be why his eyeballs are falling out of their sockets, shading isn't blended, I haven't done anything to his face, and the spear is just an outline) etc.. I'm looking for feedback. I think there's something not quite right about his arm (size?, perspective? I also don't think I've de-saturated the blues enough. I think the shield should really stand out, so that the eyes are led from the shield to the project name.
graphite6: BTW: the aqueduct team just got back to me and they prefer this color scheme over the red one.
hectorgomez: try the arm perpective something like this:

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